La Revue de Vins de France

June 2007, special vintage 2006

Domaine White 2006 (13 to 15/20)

Well-matured, clean bouquet, balanced and gourmet in the mouth, on top of a mineral background.

Renardières Red 2006(15.5 to 17/20)

The frankness of fruit overtones is the most striking aspect of the former; Les Renardières has a strong tannin content, suggesting great potential.

La Revue des Vins de France

June 2008, special vintage 2007

Renardières White 2007 (15.5 and 17/20)

Our favourite at Menetou in 2007. A rich, not excessively woody wine endowed with an excellent structure and strong aftertaste.

Renardières Red 2007(15.5 to 17.5/20)

Two great samples: A gourmet wine with cherry overtones (14/20, 12.50€) for the cuvée Domaine and a strong volume in the mouth with a good potential for Les Renardières. Cuvée Domaine gaining ground.


January 2007

Les Renardières Red 2004

Deep ruby robe.
A woody initial bouquet followed by a second more sparkling analysis with raspberry, cherry, blackberry aromas with exemplary hold.
Ample and rounded attack followed by a full mouthfeel, with sumptuous fruit overtones, which extends delightfully.
A little patience is needed before the woodiness is expressed with decisiveness. Very promising.

Returning to the family domain in 1998, Philippe Gilbert immediately turned his attention to establishing the vineyard’s credentials. This is an unending task demanding conviction, careful selection of advisors and total commitment to both one’s own quality requirements and the provision of service to partners, which have always been, and indeed remain, a part of the credo of this proverbially humble owner. (…) A remarkable vineyard from all points of view.

Les Renardières White 2004

Remarkable olfactory analysis with toasted, truffle, apricot aromas and an exquisite mineral touch.
A fat attack, quickly becoming mineral.
Sparkling in the mouth, with a well-integrated racy woodiness.
Long finish with a tenacious mineral character. What an eloquence…

Menetou-Salon White 2005

A fine bouquet in which exotic and yellow-citrus fruit fight each other for attention.
A velvety attack in the mouth quickly becoming more direct, livelier.
Rounded in the mouth, quite fat, with no lack of subtlety. Good lively finish.

Wine Advocate (Etats-Unis)

August 2007

Menetou-Salon White 200590/100

My introduction to Philippe Gilbert’s wines was this: as good as any I have ever tasted from its appellation. Subtle but beguiling scents of flowers, lemon zest, honey, herbs and chalk dust prepare the way for a surprisingly rich and positively silken, yet persistently juicy and invigorating mouthful of citrus, flowers and herbs.

I am told that there will be a special cuvee “Les Renardieres” and I am sorry not to be able to report on it.