2007 Harvest

To say that 2007 will go down in the annals as a particularly difficult and surprising year is something of an understatement.
April, with its aberrant summer heat, triggered the vegetation in May. Nature took a flying start before a summer season that was expected to be early, dry and hot.
Unfortunately, the four months that followed gave us no respite. Rain and cold descended upon the vineyards and each week it was necessary to repeat the work that the persistent rain had annihilated… a Sisyphean task indeed! Endemic vine diseases, essentially mildew and botrytis cinerea, were the source of some significant tension, placing our efforts to convert the Domaine to organic and biodynamic farming under severe pressure.
By the end of August, we felt sure that the parameters necessary to make this vintage a high quality one were no longer achievable. The lack of light and heat seemed to have got the better of our grapes.
We had forgotten the words of the wise men teaching us to be humble in the face of the mysteries of nature.

September was confusingly serene. The different plots have matured unevenly, the manual harvesting of Pinot Noir grapes took place without any particular difficulties. The photo report, presented here for the third day of picking, reflects well this warmth: the grapes looked great and the vintage should hold its own.

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