2010 France’s best wines guide Olivier Poussier, Antoine Gerbelle, Olivier Poels

2010 France’s best wines guide

This domain has been committed to organic farming, then biodynamics, since 2005. A pretty risky bet indeed for a vineyard located in the Cher region, northern half of France. Philippe Gilbert has been advised by Jean-Philippe Louis, oenologist, since the quality boost given to the domain ten years ago.

The cuvee Les Renardières is made from the oldest pinot noir and sauvignon vines. The whites have gained in breath and iodine length since the last vintages. After an intense woody period, the reds are getting their bearings, increasing in subtlety without decreasing in maturity.

The wines: The whites 2008 are full of life and character and will have to be kept in the cellar for a few months or years (Les Renardières). The reds 2008, lively alike, reveals notes of crunchy, intense fruit. Well managed during the extraction process. Production keeps on differentiating, endowing Menetous with a certain thickness.

  • Les Renardières White 2008 16/20
  • Menetou-Salon White 2008 14/20
  • Les Renardières Red 2008 16/20
  • Les Renardières Red 2007 15.5/20
  • Menetou-Salon 2008 Red 14/20
  • Menetou-Salon 2007 Red 14/20