Our Beliefs

The Domaine Philippe Gilbert is a family estate located in the heart of the terroir of the Menetou Salon appellation. Wines from the property are the genuine expression of the clay-limestone lands of the appellation. We respect their typicity by proposing two different cuvées:

The cuvée Domaine, white and red and rosé, more traditional, gives distinguished wines by their freshness and balance.

- The cuvée Les Renardières, in white and red, made in casks from the oldest vines of the Domaine, offers complex and powerful wines.

Choosing biodynamics

Instigated in 2006 on the whole 67-acre property, the biodynamic agriculture approach enabled us to take a fresh new look at the vineyard.

Biodynamics adapted to wine-making is the result of researches carried out from the Agriculture Lectures, a conference cycle given by the Austrian thinker Rudolf Steiner in 1924, in which he postulates the spiritual dimension of food, whether solid or liquid.

Practically, it comes down to valuing the soil and the plants with preparations made from vegetable, animal or mineral matter taking into account the influence of planetary rhythms.

Ploughing complements this process: it provides the soil with the oxygenation needed and allows the roots, real spine of the vines, to go down deeply in every layers of the land.

These healthy and deep roots provide the grapes with the freshness, complexity and strength they need to make sound, precise, persistent and harmonious wines.

Biodynamics is not an end in itself. It is both an inspiration and a framework which allow us to get closer to our purpose: producing wines which generously reflect the rich and alive terroirs of our appellation.

Philippe Gilbert
July 2008