Soils, sub-soils and climate

A traditional wine-making region since the 11th century, the terroir is situated on marls and clays of the kimmeridgian stage (Jurassic) of the Paris Basin.


Vines are planted on the best hillsides, on a narrow strip of approximately 5 kilometres, and stretch out over nearly 25 kilometres north of Bourges (Pigny), at the outermost of the Sancerre appellation (Humbligny).

The Kimmeridgian stage, found in the Champagne and Chablis regions and extending on the Quincy appellation, is easily recognisable by the remains of thousands of small oyster shells we call here “hens’ ears”. It is characterised by highly compact limestone layers alternating with softer clayey marls.

This sub-soil provides the wines of the terroir with a pronounced mineral character.


Our appellation, situated inland, benefits from a microclimate which softens its almost continental character but is also marked by a fairly high thermal amplitude between day and night.