The work in the vineyard


Treatments had to keep pace with the weather forecast. 2008 seriously reminded of 2007, solely eased by two weeks of heat, most welcome indeed, but which did not give any respite on the sanitary front.


The uniting campaign ended mid-June, just in time to let us catch up on the work of the soils, which involved several manual interventions (hoeing). Maintenance of the vineyards (shears), sulphur and copper treatments combined with calcium to favour the bunch closing.


In early May, the team grew. The disbudding and desuckering campaign started briskly for the pinots noirs and the sauvignons. From the 22nd, the rain coming back hastened the raising… this work went on for the pinot noir while the disbudding ended for the sauvignon. The heavy rainfalls made the treatment against mildew, necessary because of the muddy soil, an arduous task indeed. More than 60 ml of rain fell over 48 hours. Copper treatments were light for a start. But due to heavy rains, the dosage kept growing. Despite the accumulated delay due to excessive humidity, we could implement the 500 treatment by the end of the month.


April rainfalls made the hoeing of the soils very uncertain! We had longed for the rain this winter. More than 200 ml of it fell between March, 29th and April, 30th. The morning freshness (it even froze on April, 20th) had an immediate and positive effect: bunches opened out slowly, enabling us to be in line, at least theoretically, with a “regular” year scheme (with a harvest late in September).