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The Domaine Philippe Gilbert has chosen the restrictive path of certification, first in AB [organic agriculture], then Ecocert (2006), then with the Syndicat International des Vignerons en Culture Bio-Dynamique [a union of winegrowers who apply biodynamic techniques throughout their property]: Biodyvin from 2007.

It seemed important to us to mark out things, to state our position and to agree to an outside look at our work. Certification isn’t an exact science, far from it, but it makes it possible to draw up a regular assessment in the framework on an annual verification: being aware, taking stock isn’t a luxury, it’s a life-style.

Belonging to an organization like Biodyvin is also entering a community of winegrowers with whom it’s good and healthy to share your doubts but also your enthusiasm and convictions. It is a well-understood emulation in a climate and economic context that is increasingy more unstable and unreadable…

Choosing between discovery and ignorance