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Clos des Treilles Blanc

This wine is made from grapes planted on 2.2 hectares of Le Clos des Treilles, a slope on the Parassy commune facing south/southeast. The vineyard, planted in the early 1970s, extends over a sedimentary clayey-limestone soil of the Kimmeridgian, rich in siliceous limestone.


This wine is aged in 60hl tuns on the lees without stirring for 18 months.

Food and wine pairing

The fresh density of this cuvée will generously accompany the both tender and firm flesh of gambas and langoustines. Likewise, white meats in sauce and foie gras go very well with this wine

Balance between full in the mouth, freshness of the bitter notes and a salty finish. Sweet-savory pairings, foie gras, fish and shellfish in sauce, aged goat cheeses, sorbets…

Available in magnums.