The pleasure of sharing healthy wines

Love of the terroir, respect for the vine, vigilance in the wine cellar, harmony with men and women and nature. Simple and extremely demanding, our work consists in favoring and
enhancing the miracle of wine, a food for both body and mind.
This is what our wines are made of.

The Domaine Philippe Gilbert

Roots, labor, exaltation. In the center of France, north of the Berry, we have been cultivating vineyards for over 250 years on the clayey-limestone soils of the Kimmeridgian planted with sauvignon and pinot noir, with a semi-oceanic climate. Our harsh and beautiful history is that of the constant working of wines and people. Our keyword? Consistency, and may it be as great as possible!

Our wines

Wine is the fruit of a dialogue: the wines speak and we reply… This is how our cuvées are created. At the Domaine Philippe Gilbert, observation of the plots, tasting of the grapes then the wine, the desires and intuitions of aging, have resulted over the years of a range of rich and harmonious wines.


A living wine is only obtained by respecting the vine and the soil in their dignity and by being receptive to cosmic influences. Our eight organic and biodynamic plots have been worked since 2007.

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Wine is a question of encounters, exchanges and sharing…

You are welcome at the Domaine Philippe Gilbert and the wine merchants who kindly defend our productions. Let them be thanked here!