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The terroir

Traditionally a wine-growing region since the 11th century, the terroir is located on the marl and limestone of the Kimmeridgian of the Parisian Basin dating from the end of the Jurassic Age.

The subsoil

The vines are planted on the best slopes, on a relatively narrow strip, about 5 km long, and extend over some 25 km, from north of Bourges (Pigny) to the boundaries of the Sancerre appellation (Humbligny).

The Kimmeridgian, which is found in Champagne and on the Chablis terroir, ends its “run” a little farther, at the edge of the Reuilly appellation. It can be easily identified by the presence of “chickens’ ears,” a name given here to thousands of small fossilized oyster shells. It is characterized by alternating layers of very compact limestone and softer clayey marl.

This subsoil provides a very pronounced minerality to the wines that come from vineyards planted on it.

The climate

Near the Loire, Menetou-Salon has a semi-oceanic climate and annual precipitation of 700 to 750 mm. The average altitude is 250 m.