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It’s been a peculiar year

Harvest season has finally started. Last year we started picking on August 27th. This year, we only dusted off the pruning shears on September 22nd.

It’s been a heck of a year: after the spring frost and some unwelcome hail came the mildew, from mid-June all the way to the veraison.

We’re not expecting a very high yield, probably about a third of our ten-year average. There’s a silver lining to the terrible weather we’ve had: quality over quantity! The perfect opportunity to work on more complex yet quaffable wines.

Actually, not just one but two peculiar years. Those past two years have been quite tough on us.

Now let’s talk about the wines!

In the “hors-cadres” section, we’ll open 2020 with Préambule, and then, in no particular order, Hors-sujet, Hors-série and the bubbly l’Émoustillant. The 2020 L’Émoustillant won’t disappoint: an early vintage, while still quite classic and structured. Subtle, deep, refreshing and so very Loire!

The 2020 Domaine Blanc should be ready early next year.